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This is our company page, where you will find all the related products that we sell all around in the Galaxy. Currently we are in Beta Quadrant - Faltan System and traveling from city to city to sell our goods. Got questions, complains or suggestions? Please contact Ilse Salvatory, the company CEO.

Access Granted....Intelligence information required....error errror information redacted.

"Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move." ~Sun Tzu

Lieutenant Dufrai has concluded that the situation at Faltan requires more in-depth information gathering. Her bracket company named "Crystal Fruits" that travels the sector with the freighter "The Delight" will be your starting point at one of the spaceports on Faltan. From there the Crystal Fruits has completed various operations such as; infiltration at Red Dye Mining Complex, rescuing prisoners from the mines, infiltration into the nightclub The Garden, gaining valuable information towards enemy deployment on Faltan and gain tactical information on high-value targets.

Starfleet Intelligence is at the beginning of regaining control of getting a view into what is really going on in the Reaya area that has been dark for nearly 2 years due to lack of resources. Starfleet Intelligence has given the advice to Rear Admiral Banda to give Crystal Fruits and therefore Lieutenant Sarah Dufrai more freedom in gaining more intelligence of the area. After the initial success of the Crystal Fruits team at Faltan Station, Starfleet Intelligence greenlit more resources to the program, clearing them for operations throughout the sector block, to get a handle on the situation in the Raeya Sector Block.

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» Resign/Retirement - Wolf/Aurora/Crystal Fruits

Posted on Wed Sep 18th, 2019 @ 1:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Dufrai in Sim Announcement

Good day,

With this mail, I want to clear up some points of events that have happened in the past few months. First off, please read what I am writing and understand the view that has let me to some conclusions of my choice. Yes, the title says what its all about, I am really resigning from my commands in Aurora, Wolf and Crystal Fruits and with that ending an large chapter in my life in regards of being a Game Manager in the Star Trek world. Yes, I am also starting my retirement in Star Trek GM'ing. 

What, why and why now?

In 2007 I took the step up in regards to writing within the world of Star Trek. I have seen everything from the bad, good, sad, glorious moments in my career as GM. But in the end towards this point, I started to notice that my motivation, my will, and contribution has lessened due events that have impacted my life severely. From endless and pointless discussions to personal attacks addressed to me. No, they are not coming from the groups that I led, but they were there in an organization that I have contributed if not dedicated my life to. 

In some regards, I have had a rollercoaster year and like everyone else, real life comes first. This was not always taken in lightly and mainly because people could not understand the full extent of why I am in ELOA or LOA. I am not going into depths of what these cases are, but a good sum up is that I had Burn-out, serious problems with my health in both body and mind, abuse that hit my family and a car accident that I am still experiencing pain from. 

All the things that have happened in both my writing world and my real life have made me come to the conclusion to face my problems. So why now? Yes, people made have noticed that I have been slacking or dragging the last few months and honestly it's my stubbornness to accept it. I tried three times to get things going, to push the story, to get that creativity back. But sadly it didn't work. That is why I am stepping down and going to enjoy my retirement. 

Will, I ever GM something again? Most likely not in Star Trek, other genres are open on the table but for now, it would be a no. What impact does it have as a player perspective for me? Well, I have made known to those that I am a member of and they are also part of my command team, that I am still considering this. Keep in mind it took me 2 to 3 months to come to this hard choice. What does it mean for the Wolf, Aurora or Crystal Fruits? I have discussed the options with the Command Team and Wolf and Aurora have no step-up in regards of the next Commanding Officer, the team has either not the motivation to be CO or the time for it. Crystal Fruits will be GM by me until the season finale as its almost done in its first season story. But after that is done, it is done...and Crystal Fruits will close as well. 

The years in Star Trek command from the perspective of a GM and Staff has been a learning curve on every corner. Embrach ideas, go nuts on it and see where it brings you, that is my advice to any new or veteran player that wants to try the GM chair. It has been a pleasure to be your GM, to be your Staff and hopefully it is visa Versa. I, thank my players and friends who have given me pleasure in writing as your GM.

If you have questions, please DM me.

Yours sincerely,

Commander Sarah Dufrai- Crystal Fruits
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Duncan - USS Wolf
Commander Chris Jacobs - UES Aurora

Latest Mission Posts

» The one in the desert

Mission: Episode 7: Madness is Overrated
Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 12:45pm by Lieutenant Eleanor Phoy/Dufrai & Lieutenant JG Sabine Rona & Ensign Lailani Bell & Ensign Siri Hulka

The desert heat was going nuts, at least 45 to 50 Celsius warm and the sand was not helping at all. The team however had to travel through the desert to the given location to get towards the location. Were the going to get there? In eye view there was…

» INTERLUDE: The Corrupt King's Castle, Episode 4

Mission: Breakers
Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Charlotte Gregory & Lieutenant JG Sabine Rona & Ensign Lailani Bell

=^=Mission Operation START - INTERLUDE: The Corrupt King's Castle, Episode 4=^=

Caverns> Feeling a haze descending upon her, Nypine's hand finally closed around a vial of health potion. Barely having the strength to pull the cork and bring it to her lips, she was sure she was going to die…

» INTERLUDE: The Corrupt King's Castle, Episode 3

Mission: Breakers
Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 @ 11:12pm by Lieutenant Charlotte Gregory & Lieutenant JG Sabine Rona & Ensign Lailani Bell & Ensign Siri Hulka

=^=Mission Operation START - INTERLUDE: The Corrupt King's Castle, Episode 3=^=

Caverns > Lu gripped tight on her dagger as she kept her bow in her hand, not sure it'd do anything, but still keeping it ready.

Caverns> Nypine, after drawing two throwing knives reached into her pack for a…

» Joining the Madness

Mission: Episode 7: Madness is Overrated
Posted on Sun Sep 8th, 2019 @ 1:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Catrina (Cat) Tendai

With everything going on with Faltan Station, and the fact that Sarah had done what she'd done...Cat couldn't take it anymore. She had given her resignation from Faltan station and put in a transfer as support to Crystal Fruits. Sarah can hate me later is all that she told herself…

» One that bites - Part 2

Mission: Episode 7: Madness is Overrated
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 8:20am by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Dufrai

The building was still echo'ing the sounds of the fire alarm that was set off by Bell, yet the team was standing there with Bell holding the knife to Gluttony throat and Charlotte to Greeds. However Gluttony was not scared, rather looking hungry at Bell.

Level 3> "Eyes off, you…